At Horn High School, we have started a homeroom program that is above and beyond the regular school day. Homeroom is researched based, and we believe to be a huge benefit to our students. Homeroom allows each student to have a “homeroom family”. This will provide students with a positive foundation for their day.

Homeroom will also provide students an opportunity to discuss pertinent social and life issues to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a Jaguar and to grow as an individual. We are also providing activities like ”Get Lit Monday” where students can just be still, relax and read to start their week.

While homeroom starts at 8:35, the board approved district start time is at 8:45. We have made this decision because our administration and staff firmly believes that this is an incredible opportunity to grow our students not only as “students”, but also as young hearts and minds that long to be seen, heard and belong. Students who feel connected to their school are more likely to do well in school and graduate. With all the TV programming, social media and inundation of cell phone messages, students can become distracted and disconnected. We are implementing this program to build positive school relationships and improve your child’s experience at Horn High School.

We are asking that you help us reinforce the importance of homeroom. We are asking for 10 unofficial more minutes a day to make your child’s school experience better. Official attendance reporting begins at 8:45. The Horn High School staff thinks these additional 10 minutes outside the school day is critical for student success. Students arriving after 8:45 will be subject to attendance consequences. We would also like to reward students with jean days and other activities for those who are attending their homeroom classes as assigned. We would love any ideas you have to incentivize homeroom. If you know of someone who would donate items, we need your help! We can draw the name of a lucky student who hasn’t missed homeroom.

Finally, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with your student. We understand the magnitude of the responsibility we have to grow your child. Our vision continues to be – “Our actions and decisions will always be guided by what is best for students in order to ensure we create opportunities and provide choices for them in the future.”

Jaguar Administration