Dual Credit

The Basics:

  • Description: Dual Credit courses allow high school students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit while still in high school.
  • Credit: Credit is awarded when the students passes the Dual Credit course with a grade of C or higher.
  • Teachers/Instructors: Taught by college instructors and/or high school teachers who serve as adjunct professors. Teacher must have masters w/at least 18 hours of graduate level classes in the course he/she is teaching.
  • College/University Credit: Dual Credit courses are accepted at most colleges and universities in and around Texas. These are college credit classes. Students should check with individual colleges for their academic requirements/policies.
  • Eligibility:
    • Must be identified as a high school student.
    • Must have high school approval.
    • Must meet TSI eligibility requirements for college-level course work.
  • Impact on HS GPA: Double accumulated grade points.

DC offerings...

Dual Credit Classes at JHHS

  • Core DC Classes
  • Speech (1311)
  • Chemistry (1405/1407)
  • US History (1301/1302)
  • US Government (2305)
  • TX Government (2306)
  • Spanish 3 (1411/1412)
  • Spanish 4 (2311/2312)
  • English 3 (1301/1302)
  • English 4 (2322/2323)
  • College Math (1314/1316)

Dual Credit Classes at Eastfield‚Äč

  • French 1 (1411)
  • French 2 (1412)
  • American Sign Language (1301/1302)
  • Economics (2301)
  • Psychology (2301)
  • BIM (BCIS 1405)


Steps in get enrolled in Dual Credit:

  • Step 1- Download and complete DC packet
  • Step 2- Complete Eastfield online DC application
  • Step 3- Bring completed packet to Ms. Upton in the College Readiness Center for evaluation
  • Step 4- TSI student must be TSI met in order to participate in core dual credit classes.
    • Exemptions from TSI...
        • 4000+ on STAAR English 2 EOC (for the reading & writing TSI)
        • 460 EBRW PSAT
        • 510 Math PSAT
        • 480 on EBRW SAT
        • 530 on math SAT
        • 23 on the ACT with a minimum of 19 on English & math respectively


  • All JHHS students interested in DC can take the TSI for free one time.
  • All other attempts will cost $5 for reading & writing and $5 for math
  • Seniors needing to take the TSI will pay the $5 for each section of the test; reading, writing, math
  • All students must signup for the TSI with Ms. Upton (see attached form).
  • Please use the link below to study for this test- it is a college placement exam.

TSI is also know as the ACCUPLACER. Find free TSI/Accuplacer study material below!

Accuplacer Practice 




Go to Google Classroom

 Google Class Access Code…


 Please watch the TSI Video & then fill out the Google Form & click submit!

 TSI Tips…

Writing- You MUST write a traditional style essay with at least 600 words!!

Intro, 3-4 body paragraphs with detail and examples, and a conclusion!

 Reading- SLOW down, read, and reread!! The first 24 questions are the MOST important, you can’t go back & and the first 2 questions determine your score!!

 Math- You are provided a calculator in the Accuplacer program. You will see the icon in the top right corner for questions that allow a calculator- otherwise you won’t see the icon b/c it isn’t allowed on that question. The first 20 questions are the most important and those 20 questions determine your score!