Say hello to Xello!

Xello is an engaging online program that helps students build the skills, knowledge and plans to be future ready. The program uses an investigative, discovery-based learning process. Students better understand themselves, their future career options, and the 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed. Here’s how it works...

With Xello, students will:

  • Build Self-knowledge- Define their interests, skills, preferences, and aspirations so they can explore the opportunities right for them.
  • Create a Plan- Create dynamic actionable plans that outline the steps needed to achieve school, career, and life goals.
  • Explore Options- Learn about career possibilities and educational pathways by exploring rich, engaging content and lessons.
  • Learn & Reassess- Interactive lessons help your child develop age appropriate skills and knowledge for success in school and beyond.

Xello is available through the student portal!