Jaguar Career and College Readiness

Ms. Upton - Advanced Academics Coordinator

Ms. Upton can assist you with college applications, Career, College or Military Readiness, Scholarships, FAFSA/TASFA, SAT/ACT, fee waivers, Xello, Dual Credit & OnRamps.
Call Ms. Upton: 972.882.5267
Find Ms. Upton: M106


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Mr. Gonzalez - Advise TX College Advisor

Mr. Gonzalez can help you with College applications, Career Readiness, Military Readiness, Scholarships, FAFSA/TASFA, SAT/ACT, and fee waivers.

¿Necesita ud. alguien que habla español? 
Call Mr. Gonzalez: 972.882.5275
Find Mr. Gonzalez: M105

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Ms. Oliver - Dual Credit/Early College Advisor

Ms. Oliver can help you with Dual Credit, OnRamps, and early college programs information, testing, and registration. 
Call Ms. Oliver: 972.882.5286
Find Ms. Oliver: M106